About our product and packaging

  • The packaging we use for our all our products are BPA free. Furthermore, our beef and soup pack are packaged in boilable pouches.

  • We are currently working hard to find more options for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Delivery Areas

  • We only deliver to the bay area currently. We are looking to expand soon!

When should my order arrive?

Frozen Foods: Order/Shipping Schedule using Regular Service*

  • Orders are typically delivered within 24 hours and may sometimes take up to 48 hours.

*Except when a holiday falls on the designated shipping day.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee specific delivery times:

  • We strive to deliver your order on time to the address you designate. Virtually all of our deliveries are successful and we want to make sure yours will too!

  • The courier will normally knock on your door and, if no one answers, will leave your package at your door.

  • Occasionally, perishables will arrive a day early. In most cases, if no one is home, couriers will leave the package at your door.

  • We are not liable for orders that are not retrieved in a timely manner.

Handling Frozen Goods

  • We ship our frozen products with dry ice.

  • Perishable products should be refrigerated (if to be consumed immediately) or frozen (for long term storage).

  • Sometimes packages do not arrive solidly frozen. As long as they are cold to the touch, slightly thawed sealed portions may be safely refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value.