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This week's Series features Ginger, another healthy favorite that is as versatile as its ingredient siblings, Cinnamon and Star Anise. Ginger provides an aromatic spicy flavor profile with a hybrid personality that can be compared to being a responsible first born child with a wild side.

Traditionally revered as an immune boosting spice, it provides a functional role in providing aid against indigestion, nausea and stomach aches. The health benefits list is endless: anti-inflammatory,  anti-aging and potentially even helpful for managing diabetes. Steeping and drinking ginger tea can even fight against the toughest cough fits. Its history continues to live during the modern era as a top health remedy.

Ginger, as an individual, stands strong with its added health benefits - yet an ingredient carries more depth when it is part of a whole story. It has toggled tangential paths as a spice that blends in the sweetest and most intoxicating desserts. Take a moment to imagine the creative paths that ginger can elevate a dessert. Our minds have crossed ginger-rhubarb sorbets, pear and ginger pie, candied ginger and lemon ginger cheesecake. So pick a recipe and start experimenting with ginger! 

Happy Eating! :)

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