history of beef noodle soup

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We're betting that Beef Noodle Soup is the latest rising star amongst the noodle soup kings, Ramen and Pho! Beef Noodle Soup (officially known as Niu Riu Mien) is a staple within Taiwanese culture that is a creative concoction of four main ingredients, spicy beef stock, handmade flour noodles and braised beef chunks, topped with pickled mustard greens. But where did this delight originate from? 

This hearty invention was created in Taiwan in a military village during China's Civil War in order to blend together flavors of the different provinces of China with bold ingredients. This traditional dish is a national sensation where previous Beef Noodle Festivals were held in its honor. It has now spread across the globe to Southern California and New York along with the rise of trendy Asian cuisine.

The comfort each bowl provides is more than enough for us to continue spreading the joy of the latest star of the noodle soup family. During your next famished moment, try having a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup. 🍜

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