Spicy pork Wontons



We are currently selling at our Cupertino Pop-Up location! 

"Wontons are dumplings that believed in miracles."

Our fan favorite pork wontons are wrapped in a beautiful boat shape. The secret to completing this dish is spicy chili oil pork sauce that is perfectly proportioned to drench the dish with a balance of sweet, savory and spiciness.

Ways to enjoy:

  • Garnish with fresh scallions* and enjoy as a main meal

  • Complement with other noodle dishes

  • Don't share

Contains Pork, Gluten, + Wheat

Cooking Instructions: Boil 3 cups of water. Put wontons into boiling water for 8 mins and stir regularly.  Drain well into a bowl. Place sauce packets into warm water. Add sauce and stir well. 

*Scallions not included