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Our family passed down traditional and popular Taiwanese recipes over three decades ago and we shared with patrons at our Cupertino restaurant, Liang's Village. Our classical flavors draw inspiration from a heritage of family recipes and creative innovation. When we started running the restaurant, we interacted with foodies who constantly desired and vigorously hunted for Taiwanese food so they frequently dined at our family establishment. While our customers were intrigued by our dishes, they still weren't able to easily re-create the same comfort and flavor within their own homes.


The idea to venture into a consumer line sparked during a casual conversation and fully ignited once we started asking who would be interested. We were surprised at the positive reactions so we dived right into developing test versions to sell. We ultimately decided to re-produce our flagship dishes into a convenient ready-to-cook meal that mimics our family's nuanced and creative flavors. 


Our brand is part of the Taiwanese food revolution and we want to set the standard for those who are not afraid of bold cultural dishes of creative innovation. We are the leaders in bringing modern Taiwanese food out into the open for those to enjoy conveniently at home and look forward to keeping your bellies full.

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Mama Liang’s Family

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