Taiwan Night Market Adventure
(6 servings)

Taiwan Night Market Adventure </br>台灣夜市組合</br>(6 servings)</br>
Bundle includes Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, Cold Peanut Noodle, Lu Wei Pig's Ear, Lu Wei Pig's Feet, Spicy Radish, Mala packets, and Extra Spicy Chili Oil.
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Mama Liang's Taiwan Night Market Adventure brings you to the famous night markets of Taiwan. A little taste of different Taiwanese delicacies. PLUS complimentary spicy items for our Spicy Food Lovers!

  • Signature Beef Noodle Soup (1-2 serving per pack)
  • Cold Peanut Noodle (2 servings)
  • Lu Wei Pig's Ear + Mala (1 pack)
  • Lu Wei Pig's Feet + Mala (1 pack)
  • Spicy Radish (1 pack)
  • Extra Spicy Chili Oil (1 jar)

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